Intern in Barcelona

Program Information

Enjoy a custom international internship in the heart of one of Western Europe's cultural and business hubs! Our Intern in Barcelona program lets you gain relevant, career-oriented experience while enjoying the best of Europe: cultural immersion, proximity to a coastline of white sand beaches, and an exciting, cosmopolitan city that never sleeps.

Your internship in Barcelona offers both professional development and the chance to soak up all that Barcelona has to offer. Our internships are customized to match your interests; internships last a minimum of 6 weeks, but we encourage you to stay as long as you can.

Pristine white-sand beaches – Barcelona’s beaches and boardwalks are a main attraction. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate whose mild winters and hot summers make a visit to the beach perfect any time of the year.

Live and work in Barcelona: life in the cultural capital of the Mediterranean – The café culture, boutiques, tapas restaurants, and world-famous nightlife are enough to keep you busy for a semester. Barcelona is home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other city in Europe. Imagine the architectural and cultural splendor of a city with 2,000 years of history! Numerous museums, churches, cathedrals, and concert halls, plus the influential modern art of Antonio Gaudi, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Mies Van der Rohe, make Barcelona an aesthetically appealing destination for visitors from all over the world.

A custom international internship – We understand that you want to get the most out of your internship. We take into account your career aspirations, interests, and skills. Magazines, travel agencies, and finance institutions await you!

Choose your own style of accommodation – Intern in Barcelona offers different housing options. You can live with a Spanish family or share an apartment with other international students.

A vibrant social life – You will get to participate in a weekend trip in Spain. Possible trips include the beautiful Costa Brava, the magical Granada, or majestic Madrid.

360° Networking Toolkit - You will receive business cards, resume/interview coaching, and an internship completion certificate. You’ll also gain access to a seminar series on topics such as developing and maximizing a LinkedIn account, interview expectations, adding the experience to your resume, and more! Jump-start your career with our global network!


  • Diverse internship placements 
  • Placements that accommodate all levels of Spanish-language proficiency 
  • Work with people from Spain and all over the world 
  • Hands-on orientation and guided tours of the city 
  • Cultural activities within Barcelona

On top of your on-the-job learning, excursions within the city and possibly a day trip outside of Barcelona will be available to you as part of Intern in Barcelona. Possible activities include guided tours of different areas of the city, a Catalan cooking class, a flamenco show, guides to local festivals, and activities to get to know Barcelona in-depth—beyond the tourist-only destinations. You may have the opportunity to participate in excursions to the beautiful Costa Brava, majestic Madrid, and even Morocco. Check another country off your list!


Intern in Barcelona offers two types of housing: an apartment shared with other students or a local home stay.

The apartments are located off-campus in the city of Barcelona, just a 25-minute commute to classes. They are fully furnished apartments with a shared living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and bathrooms. Two students will share a room and there will be up to six students in each apartment. Due to the central location of the apartments within the city, students will have the opportunity to experience life living in Barcelona. They will be near shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, and will have the chance to learn more about the culture through the people they meet and the roommates they will live with. What more could you ask for?

Home stays are perfect options for students interested in immersion into the Spanish culture. Two students will share a bedroom that is furnished with linens, and there is a shared bathroom with a toilet and bathing area. Students will have access to a communal living space or a kitchen with a table and chairs. Laundry service is included each week and the host family will provide students with breakfast and dinner. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about the people and the culture that Barcelona offers, which can only enhance your study abroad experience!

*Please keep in mind that home-stays in Spain generally consist of a room rented privately, and you may be living not with a traditional nuclear family but with an older woman or a young professional.


Placements include: architecture, art, communications, culinary, dance, education, entrepreneurship, fashion, government and politics, graphic design, international business, journalism, management, marketing, photography, public relations, and tourism, among others.

Program Setting



Contact your academic advisor for ways you can obtain credit for your internship.

GPA Requirement



English and Spanish

Program Dates

Available throughout the year

Program Fee

6 weeks-12 weeks: $5,040-$7,540*

*Costs may change at any time due to the current exchange rate.

*Summer internships only available for an even numbre of weeks (ie. 6, 8, 10 or 12).


  • Hands-on orientation and guided tours of the city
  • Internship placement and supervision
  • Housing
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Medical & accident insurance
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide
  • 1-2 week intensive Spanish language course (not for credit)

How to Apply

  • Set up an appointment with France Weiner,
  • Apply 90 days (in complete) before the first day of their start month.
  • Fill out the CISabroad Online Application
  • Pay the $200 application deposit*

*This is NOT an extra fee, but is a non-refundable deposit applied towards your total program fee. You will be directed to pay this after completing the online application.

Past Students

"This experience was something completely new and incredibly challenging...but I have had the time of my life. I have grown so much as a person, met so many wonderful people and learned so much about the Spanish/Catalan culture."

Karen J.