Philippines: Volunteer in Tecloban City

Program Information

Through this program be proud of your personal growth by volunteering to make a difference in this friendly and welcoming community.  Volunteers will be placed on the island of Leyte, which is part of the Visayan Island group in the central Philippines. Tacloban City is the capital of Leyte and the site for all volunteer placements.  Placements are extremely flexible and volunteers have a huge opportunity to use talents and skills to create, teach, contribute, and learn from the people of Tacloban.

Affordable – This is our most affordable program to date! Experience the exotic beauty of the Philippines while still keeping an eye on your budget.

Rich Culture – Experience the fascinating cultural landscape while living and working alongside local Filipinos. Hospitality and delicious cuisine are just some of the distinguishing characteristics!

Make a difference – This affordable program allows volunteers to give back to the local community and appreciate all aspects of the environment and culture of this island community.


This affordable program allows volunteers to give back to the local community and appreciate all aspects of the environment and culture of this island community.


Volunteers will stay with local host families. It is very common for extended family members to live in one household. Oftentimes many Filipinos will share one room or sleep in the family room. Each volunteer will have his/her own room. The home stay will provide 2 meals each day: breakfast and dinner.


Volunteer placements are customized for the applicant and based on their interests and previous experience. The following are fields in which previous volunteers have been placed: Community development, health clinics, medical missions, nutrition, orphanage assistance, social work, special education, and English instruction.

Orphanage Assistance

Volunteers are placed in a number of orphanages around the city and surrounding towns. Each orphanage houses 45 to 100+ abandoned and unwanted children. All these children have come from poor families and many have suffered from malnutrition or neglect. The children thrive on the attention and love volunteers can share with them.

Teaching English

The children in the Philippines begin learning English in grade one, so most of the population can speak and understand English. The benefits of learning English from a native speaker are inspiring for the young children.

We place volunteers in rural elementary schools an hour outside of Tacloban City to assist the local teachers with their English classes and other subjects. These volunteers are able to experience living in rural villages and will observe the true meaning of "community."

Another alternative to teaching in the rural setting is to teach the non-formal education classes in Tacloban. These classes work with out of school youth and unemployed adults interested in learning the basic subjects taught in public school, as well as skills training. Volunteers can be role models for these struggling teenagers and adults. The non-formal education sector lacks the teachers they need to conduct regular classes for these students who have previously dropped out of school and are looking to continue their education. Volunteers can organize and schedule classes daily and really have a profound effect on these students' lives. Teaching English experience or TEFL Certification is preferred but not mandatory.

Social Department

Volunteers can work with the Department of Social Welfare and work directly with the poor communities in the area. Previous developments include teaching community computer classes, organizing projects and activities with the street children, as well as teaching classes for the street children.

Street Children

Currently, the Department of Social Welfare is constructing a facility to house and teach the street children. Most children who have settled on the streets have families of their own but turn to the streets in search of food. Glue sniffing, known as "rugby" in Tacloban, is a common addiction amongst the street children who turn to this drug to suppress their hunger pains. Volunteers can assist the Social Welfare Office in helping to give the simple things these children lack in life, such as compassion, trust, love, and food.

Community Health Clinic

Volunteers can be placed in community medical facilities in Tacloban and surrounding towns. These volunteers can shadow and observe the medical practices in the Philippines. Pre-med students, doctors, nurses, or volunteers with experience working in the health industry, are all needed to assist with the daily activities in the local community health center. Volunteers will assist the doctor and get hands-on practice working and interacting with the patients. In addition, they will learn about the health care conditions here in the Philippines. Volunteers must currently be studying or have finished studying in the health industry.

Program Dates

Multiple start dates available throughout the year


  • 2 weeks: $1,375*
  • 1 month: $1,775*
  • 2 months: $2,375*

*Cost may change at any time due to the currency exchange
*Longer Placements Available


  • Volunteer Placement
  • Housing
  • Most Meals
  • Airport Pickup
  • On-Site Support Services
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientations

How to Apply

  • Set up an appointment with Frances Weiner,
  • Fill out the Kaya Application Form
  • Pay the $315 application deposit*

*This is NOT an extra fee, but is a non-refundable deposit applied towards your total program fee. You will be directed to pay this after completing the online application.