Semester in Argentina

Program Information

Come experience life in the second largest country in Latin America in a city of 14 million people - There are tree-lined streets, cafes on every corner, and fantastic shopping! Explore the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, home to the famous Tango and Mate. Study Spanish abroad with a slight Italian twist while living in a fun, vibrant environment that never seems to sleep.

A European-like location but at a fraction of the cost - And there’s no compromising here. You’ll get everything (and in some cases more!) that you would expect from a world-class city in Europe, but with a cheaper flight, cheaper cost of living, and an overall more affordable study abroad program when comparing tuition, housing, meals, activities, etc. with other programs in Europe.

Spanish language and other locally-focused courses in English - You will be placed in the appropriate course for your level of Spanish in a program that specializes in teaching international students. You can even choose to head down there a month early for an extra month of studying Spanish abroad. Students of an intermediate or higher level of Spanish can also take fun content courses in Latin American and Argentine topics, taught with Spanish language learners in mind.

Courses in English with Argentine/Latin American/International emphases - Not comfortable enough with your Spanish to take ALL your courses in it? Or, want to give your poor “language lobe” a rest? Take courses taught in English or Spanish. Need a business course to graduate? We’ve got those too! In total, there are about 20-25 courses offered in English each semester.

Highlights and Excursions

  • Enjoy life at a fun, supportive university in Buenos Aires 
  • Befriend international students from all over the world 
  • We offer an affordable study abroad program 
  • Three meals a day, Monday-Friday, are included 
  • Study Spanish abroad in every level of proficiency
  • One overnight and two day trips with IEP staff are included 

Semester in Argentina participants enjoy two day and one weekend trip to make sure you get to see some incredible places outside of Buenos Aires. Our staff will plan the trips and escort you, showing you the ins and outs of places you might not find on your own. Below are some sample trips, which are chosen for each semester depending on the time of year, fun happenings, and student interests:

Visit to Tigre

A nice escape from the busier districts in Buenos Aires, Tigre is a tranquil setting surrounded by bodies of water and nature. A visit may include a ferry ride to an island just off the coast, a tour of the fruit market, or a trek through a nature reserve.

Feria de Mataderos

On the outskirts of the city is this large fair that features local food, typical music, impressive dance performances, and cheap art and crafts.

Colonia del Sacramento

This quaint historic town lies just across the border in Uruguay. Not only is this a great “border run” to renew your visa when re-entering Argentina, but it’s also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its centuries-old Portuguese and Spanish style architecture. The old city gate is even boasts a wooden drawbridge! 

San Antonio de Areco

This multi-day trip will take you to a traditional estancia or ranch, complete with gauchos or local cowboys. Enjoy a traditional Argentine barbeque, horse riding displays, and picturesque colonial streets. 


A multi-day trip to Argentina’s third largest city that sits up the Parana River. Big appeal here: beautiful sandy beaches...on the river! 

Another possibility is an excursion to a Futbol match!


Semester in Argentina participants will live in the off-campus student residences called Residencias Master. The Residencias are located in Palermo, near restaurants, about 20 minutes from the university (bus or subway). Students have a shared bedroom (4 per room, dorm-like), with a private bathroom. There are ample common areas, 3 meals a day (M-F), and access to a common kitchen. Wireless internet is also available throughout the common areas, but as with many overseas locations the speed and reliability of the internet is not the same as in the US. The Residencias offer a blend of international and local students, which provides a fun, multi-cultural atmosphere.


Argentine Economy, Social Economy in Latin America, International Business in the Southern Cone, History of Latin America, Political and Social Change, Latin American Cultures and Civilizations, U.S. Latin American Relations, Argentina: The Making of a Country through its Literature, Latin American Literature, Gender History in Latin America, Latin America in Global Economy, Jorge Luis Borges: Visions of Culture and Knowledge..

PALAS Option: PALAS (Program in Argentine and Latin American Studies), which is a 15 week semester with classes in English for beginner to intermediate Spanish language students Click here for PALAS course selections and descriptions.

PEAL Option: PEAL (Programa de Estudios Argentinos y Latinoamericanos), which are classes in Spanish, but for foreigners with intermediate to advanced levels of Spanish language Click here for PEAL course selesctions and descriptions.

Campus Setting


Average Course Load

4 month: 12-15 credits
5 month: 18-21 credits

GPA Requirement


Language of Instruction

English and Spanish

Program Dates

Spring 2014:

Session I (includes 1 month intensive language)
Start date: Feb 1, 2014
End date: June 21, 2014

Session II
Start date: March 1, 2014
End date: June 21, 2014

Fall 2014:
Start date: July 21, 2014
End date: November 8, 2014



*Costs may change at any time due to the current exchange rate.


  • Two day and one overnight excursion
  • Pre-departure Orientation & Buenos Aires Orientation
  • Full-time tuition and fees
  • Housing with meals (15 per week)
  • Airport pick up
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • Universidad de Belgrano official transcript
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide

How to Apply

  • Set up an appointment with Frances Weiner,
  • Fill out the CISabroad Online Application
  • Pay the $200 application deposit*

    *This is NOT an extra fee, but is a non-refundable deposit applied towards your total program

      fee. You will be directed to pay this after completing the online application.