Intern in China

Program Information

On Intern in China, your international internship will be customized to match your interests and how long you want to live abroad. You can gain practical skills in your major and really boost your résumé with international work experience. Internships last a minimum of 4 weeks, but we encourage you to stay as long as you can. Placements are focused in the modern cities of Shanghai or Beijing. You will experience:

A custom internship placement – We understand that you aren’t interning in China to sharpen pencils and learn to brew the perfect cup of tea. Don’t worry: your internship in Shanghai or Beijing will take into account your career goals, interests, and skills.

Resume-boosting experience – Besides improving your Mandarin language skills, you’ll gain valuable international work experience and professional references for the future. You will also receive an Internship Completion Certificate and an Employer Reference Letter. This will certainly help during the post-graduation job search!

Mandarin lessons – While you do not need to know Mandarin to participate in this program, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the private Mandarin lessons only included in the comprehensive program! What better way to truly immerse yourself the culture?

Strong staff support – Before your start your internship in China you will work with our staff in the U.S. and once you arrive in Shanghai or Beijing, our on-site staff will help you with internship, excursions, and general support.

Amazing sites in China - This geographically diverse country is slightly larger than the United States. Due to this, China provides endless year-round variety for visitors to the country, from ice fesitvals in the north to tropical beach resorts in the south.


If you've always wanted to intern in Shanghai or Beijing or just gain experience in the profession of your dreams, check out all Intern in China has to offer. Here are just a few of the key highlights that make this program unique:

  • Great résumé builder 
  • A variety of placements in all industries of Shanghai or Beijing 
  • Mandarin internships possible 
  • Flexible start dates- select a program from a month to a year in length or choose a summer session with set dates 
  • Work with people from China and all over the world 
  • Comprehensive orientation and on-site support for your internship in China 
  • See all that Shanghai and Beijing have to offer, and enjoy easy access to the rest of China 
  • Mandarin lessons

While interning in China, you will have a detailed orientation to make you feel more comfortable in your new city, including help with public transportation and monthly cultural activities. Some of these activities include:

Martial arts Learn the art of Tai Qi and Kung Fu, traditional forms of Chinese martial arts that teach relaxation and self-defense. Kung Fu is more physically challenging that Tai Qi, and courses are available in all levels.

Chinese Cooking Learn to prepare food Chinese family-style as we take you on a culinary journey through different Chinese cooking traditions. Your teacher will not only provide the kitchen and ingredients, but will also join you for dinner and conversation afterwards.

Additional activities include learning Chinese music, board games, calligraphy, paper cutting, tea ceremonies, handicrafts, and more!

More involved field trips are also offered. In Beijing, these include:

Great Wall, Olympic Stadium, Hutongs, Peking Duck See one of the man-made wonders of the world up close and personal while climbing the Great Wall of China. Then you'll visit the site of the 2008 Olympic Games. After you'll get to tour a local Hutong traditional communal style of living that was practiced by the ancient Chinese and finish off the day with Peking Duck, Beijing's most famous dish.

Taoism, Health & Longevity Start off the day with qi gong in the Temple of Earth. The session will focus on introducing core Taoist concepts along with a guided tour of the Temple of Earth. It will also explain the benefits of the exercises according to Chinese medical theory. Later in the morning you'll also be introduced to Chinese nutrition and food energetics. While enjoying a traditional Chinese breakfast, learn about the basic principles of a healthy diet including energy of foods, differences in Eastern and Western nutritional therapy, and how to eat with the seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

More examples of field trips in Beijing include visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, seeing amazing Chinese acrobatics, practicing Kung Fu with Master Chen Fusheng, and volunteering at an orphanage for blind children.

In Shanghai, field trips include:

Zhu Jia Jiao Water Village The picturesque Zhu Jia Jiao is a classic water village. It's over 400 years old, and has a signature five-arch bridge spanning the Cao Gang River. Zhu Jia Jiao was an important town for local trade, shipping goods in and out of its man-made canals to the river. Stroll the maze of paths and bridges, and take a boat ride to view the residences of this nicely-preserved water village. Zhu Jia Jiao is also home to two impressive temples. After a few hours sightseeing in the village, you will make a stop to shop for silk. Learn how silk became a major industry in China and bargain for clothes, accessories, quilts, and handmade rugs.

Farmer's Market Walking Tour You will walk through Shanghai's largest farmer's market, where you can find fresh vegetables from local farms, homemade sticky tofu, live chickens, birds, eggs, fish, and an array of spices. You'll get a feel for old Shanghai here while walking through narrow lanes, listening to vendors call out their bargains to the morning rush. This huge wet market with its vast expanse of fresh produce is one of the few spots relatively untouched by tourists and will be sure to provide you with a few eye-opening moments.

Other examples of field trips in Shanghai include a day tour of the city, exploring art and education, visiting the ancient part of the city, visitng a park and tea market, and touring the old backstreets of the city.


As an Intern in China student, you will live in an apartment with other interns, international students, or local Chinese students. Apartments are centrally located and the average commute to your internship will be 30 minutes to an hour. The accommodation is fully furnished and each intern will have their own bedroom. The apartment also includes a shared living room, 1 or 2 bathrooms, a TV, and may include a washing machine, or a microwave. Meals are not provided, however, you will have a kitchen in the apartment to prepare your meals.

Internship Placements

Internships are customized based on your field of interest and resume.

Apply 90 days before the first day of their start month. (complete)

Program Setting



Contact your academic advisor on ways you can obtain credit for your internship.

GPA Requirement



English and Chinese

Program Dates

Available throughout the year*

Program Fee

4 weeks - 12 weeks

$4,340 - $7,940*

*Costs may change at any time due to current exchange rate.


  • Internship Placement & fees
  • Housing
  • Visa assistance
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Medical & accident insurance
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide
  • Transportation card, China sim card, and international cell phone

How to Apply

  • Set up an appointment with Frances Weiner,
  • Apply 90 days (in complete) before the first day of their start month.
  • Fill out the CISabroad Online Application
  • Pay the $200 application deposit*

*This is NOT an extra fee, but is a non-refundable deposit applied towards your total program fee. You will be directed to pay this after completing the online application.