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There’s a little bit of everything in Lima. You will find stunning ocean views, colonial-era buildings, a fun local spirit, delicious food, and more colorful, inexpensive souvenirs than you can imagine—not to mention a phenomenal university. You'll love studying abroad in Peru! Start getting excited about:

Local professors and international students – Your professors are the top Peruvians in their fields. You will learn about the Spanish language and the local culture from the experts, alongside students from Lima and around the world.

Study Spanish abroad in a vibrant, metropolitan setting – The way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in it, and that’s just what you’ll do on Semester in Lima as you navigate the city and make friends.

Fascinating classes in English and Spanish – Semester in Lima lets you study a wide variety of courses taught in English or Spanish!

So much to see when you study abroad in Peru – On breaks from school, you can check out northern beach towns like Piura, go sand boarding in Huacachina, fish for piranha in the jungles and rivers of Iquitos, explore the fun colonial city of Cusco, learn about indigenous culture in the highland town of Ayachucho, visit Islas Ballestas (known as the Poor Man’s Galapagos) to check out birds, sea lions, and more . . . And that’s just to start!

Active, hip city with something for everyone – With sophisticated dining options, remarkable museums, thousand-year-old ruins and temples, some of the best shopping, galleries, and cafés around, and even some great surf spots, you will be impressed by the multitude of things to do every day in Lima.


If you've ever wanted to study abroad in Peru, then check out our Semester in Lima study abroad program. Here are a few of the key highlights that make this program unique.
  • Study Spanish abroad in a vibrant metropolitan setting: Spanish-language courses at all levels 
  • International students from around the world 
  • Classes in diverse subjects taught in English and Spanish 
  • Superb university 
  • Strong on-site support from the University staff 
  • Impressive colonial center with beautiful architecture and plazas 
  • The ocean is easily accessible 
  • Incredible museums of Peru’s colorful history as well as awesome modern art 
  • Jungle, mountains, and beaches galore 
  • Gourmet cuisine at all price ranges 
  • Tons of Incan and other pre-Hispanic ruins throughout the city 
  • Colorful indigenous and religious festivals 
  • Optional excursion to ancient Machu Picchu
We have included quite a few excursions for our students on the Semester in Lima program. Included in the program is an extensive city tour as well as many other museum visits, tours of nearby areas, and day trips. These excursions change depending on what students are interesed in. An optional excursion that we recommend is the trip to Machu Picchu. This includes airfare, three nights in hotels, and transprotation and entrance to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu
Situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu is the best known archaeological site on the continent and is not only on the UNESCO world-heritage list, but is also one of the ancient natural wonders of the world. Originally built in the 1400s and situated almost 8000 feet above sea level, Machu Picchu is an estate built for the Incan empire and is often referred to as ‘The Lost City of the Incas’ as the entire estate was hidden from the Spanish during their conquest. Set on a breathtaking backdrop of natural mountains and valleys, Machu Picchu is definitely a site to be seen.


On Semester in Lima, you have two different housing options at your disposal.

Apartments You will live in "La Casa de Don Ignacio" group housing with both international and local students in the seaside district of Miraflores. This neighborhood is known for its flower-filled parks and for being a cultural hub, offering galleries, cafés, and restaurants in addition to ancient temples. The dorm styled apartment has shared bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining and living room, a kitchen, and a terrace that all occupants can access. There is free wireless internet access in all of the rooms, and students can use, and socialize in, the TV room and the computer room. Laundry can be done on site for free, with your own detergeant. Miraflores is a top tourist destination in Lima and will quickly become your new, fun home!

Homestays If you choose the homestay option, you’ll have a chance to really immerse yourself in Peruvian culture! Students typically say that living with a local family was their favorite part of going abroad. You will be treated as a member of the family, with two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) being provided for you and bed linens, utilities, and laundry services being provided regularly. All the homestay families have been carefully interviewed and visited to ensure they provide a safe, comfortable, secure home that will help you integrate into a new culture. If you choose this option, you will certainly be living with a local Peruvian family, but in addition, there might be other students from around the world living in the homestay guesthouse with you. Everyone has their own room, but it is possible that you will share a bathroom with other students.


Courses include architecture and urban planning, art and design, business administration, communications, economics, engineering, finance, gastronomy and restaurant management, hospitality management, international business, marketing, psychology, real estate development, Spanish language, and tourism management, among others.

For a complete list of course offerings, please click here.

Campus Setting


Average Course Load

5 courses (15 US credits)

GPA Requirement


Language of Instruction

English and Spanish

Program Dates

Spring 2014*:

Start Date: March 1
End Date: July 19

Fall 2014*:

Start Date: August 2
End Date: December 20

Program Fee

Fall 2014:

Apartment: $9,490
Homestay: $9,890
Apartment with Machu Pichu Excursion: $10,190
Homestay with Machu Pichu Excursion: $10,690

*Cost may change at any time due to the current exchange rate.


  • Full-time tuition & fees
  • Housing
  • Pre-departure and onsite orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Medical & accident insurance
  • Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola official transcript
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide

How to Apply

  • Set up an appointment with Frances Weiner,
  • Fill out the CISabroad Online Application
  • Pay the $200 application deposit*
*This is NOT an extra fee, but is a non-refundable deposit applied towards your total program fee. You will be directed to pay this after completing the online application.

Past Students

"I was exposed to the realities of a developing country and the challenges of trying to make positive change. I was also immersed in a thriving, vibrant culture, and surrounded by the most incredible people."

Laura U.