Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is one of Asia’s largest attractions. Bordering four countries: Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Burma, Thailand acts as a central point for international exposure.

People all over the world visit Thailand for it’s abundance of national parks, gorgeous coastlines, rich history, and strong cultures centuries old. A large draw for first timers and returnees to Thailand is the magnificent city of Chiang Mai and it’s strong northern Lanna Thai culture.

Our programs are based in the modern and bustling metropolis of Bangkok as well as the northern city of Chiang Mai, also known as “The Rose of the North.” Chiang Mai, a progressive city coupled with traditional culture, offers various cultural activities ranging from treks into national parks housing diverse hill tribe communities uniquely different from Thai culture; exploration of ancient temples and traditional markets; and courses in Thai cooking, language, as well as Thai massage. The diversity of Chiang Mai not only comes from the strong Thai culture, but the several minority communities descendant of Burma, Laos, and China.